Are you wondering at one point you should replace your motor? If so, here are 5 sure signs that it’s time to call a mechanic shop like Dom’s Electric Motors to help you. 

A Noticeable Sign

First and foremost, you may be able to tell if your electric motor needs replaced just by looking at the exterior of it. Is it worn out? Are parts broken? Is there paint looking darker than normal? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time to call a mechanic. If the paint is darkening around the middle area of the electric motor, you need to have it replaced right away because it is a sign of overheating. 

Is It Making Noise? 

Another big indicator that your motor may need to be replaced is if it is making an abnormal noise. A loud noise may indicate mechanical issues and may be a result of overused bearings. Bearings are placed on high-speed motors to help strengthen the life span of the shafts and to also help with friction. They have a tendency to break overtime, so if you start to hear a rattling or knocking sound, it’s probably time to have your motor checked out. 

Do You Notice It Getting Too Hot?

If your engine is overheating, it may be time to take a closer look at the option to replace. Although overheating can sometimes be caused by an electrical problem, it doesn’t always mean that that is the cause of the overheating issue. 

Is The Electrical Resistance Low?

Have you checked your electrical resistance? Electric motors run through electrical windings and magnets, can be checked through multimeter to read the resistance. If it reads 0 Ohms, this means that your electric motor’s windings are shorter than they are supposed to be resulting in the need for them to be rewound or replaced completely. 

Is Your Motor Vibrating? 

Vibration is caused by an unbalanced load or installation of the motor and can be the leading cause of abnormal vibration. If you notice this vibration in your elector motor, it’s time to call your mechanic. 

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